Fond vert Roll-up 150x200cm
  • Fond vert Roll-up 150x200cm
  • Fond vert Roll-up 150x200cm

Fond vert Roll-up 150x200cm

Simple and ultra-fast opening

Quality opaque fabric

Ease of storage

Ideal YouTubers and Gamers

Discouraged by the idea of ​​using a heavy, bulky green background? Here is the Starblitz solution!

Roll-up chromakey green background

This Starblitz green background is very easy to configure in 3 steps:

- orient the feet perpendicular to the green background so that it is stable

- open the chest containing the green background

- pull the green background up to the desired height

Green Screen is a very handy solution for instant setting up your background.

Its dimension is quite large (150x200cm) but it can be used in a small space. With the two-leg design, it is perfectly stable when fully lifted.

The fabric used for this green background is opaque enough to subsequently provide the best photo or video rendering.

It is ideal for Youtubers and Gamers (Twitch) who stream LIVE on the Internet.

Once the green screen is folded up, it can easily be stored in seconds in a small space due to its compact size.


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