Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees
  • Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees
  • Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees
  • Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees
  • Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees
  • Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees
  • Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees
  • Mini tripod 5 stops Pan 360 Tilt -90 degrees

Mini tripod for Vloggers with shoe for LED panel 3Kg supported

5-position mini tripod

360 degree panoramic; tilt tilt -90 °

Extension 16-19 cm; Supported load: 3 kg

Dimensions and moderate weight: weight of 256 g, about 20 cm folded

Integrated dual-support ball head: smartphones and cameras. Perfect for vloggers!

Possibility of adding a flash shoe and an articulated arm (1/4 thread on the side)

Mini Tripod Starblitz ALP

A complete product evolution: from HELIX to ALP

Following the success of HELIX, Starblitz decided to improve its mini-tripod offer.

From 2 positions, we now have 5 positions. From 750 g supported, we now have 3 kg supported. An improvement of the ball head with a bi-attachment support provided.

2 in 1 combo for smartphones and cameras

The ALP supports up to 3 kilos (vertically). Enough to support any smartphone, compact camera, bridge, hybrid, or a SLR.

To fix the camera, you can use the universal 1/4 photo screw thread.

For the smartphone attachment, you need to insert it into the vice, which unfolds from 5.8 cm to 9 cm. Indeed, the compatible smartphone size is 5.8 cm-9 cm.



Thanks to the flash support, you can add a light source, a microphone ... or both together with a specific dedicated support. This set is complete if you want to use it as a vlogger. A 1/4 thread system on the side allows you to add your smartphone.

parfait pour vloger

A super well-designed mini tripod head

The ball head, like a classic tripod ballhead, can be oriented in different ways. For this there is a clamping latch on the side. You just need to tighten or loosen it to be able to move to the desired angle.

360 degrees in a panoramic way. At -90 degrees vertically, for portraiture for example.

The ball head of this mini tripod also has a bubble level.

It's possible to add a flash shoe and an articulated arm.

Can the ALP be used anywhere? Yes

This mini tripod can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors, you can use it as a table tripod. For family photos, you can put it on a piece of furniture or on a table.

Outdoors or while traveling, your camera equipment will be safe, at a reasonable height above the ground surface. So potentially away from mud, sand, puddles. The materials used (ABS, aluminum, rubber pads) make it a non-messy or easy to clean support.

Swiss Army Knife

By offering a version for both smartphones and cameras, this mini-tripod will appeal to vloggers to make great video recordings. Compact, it can be stored anywhere with a weight of 256 g. Imagine. Hardly unfolded, you just have to press the red save button.

trépid vlog

mini trépied pour selfie


Data sheet

Weight (g)
256 g
Max height
19 cm
Hauteur min.
16 cm
Number of sections
2 years
Tripod Head Kind
Product type
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